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Музыкальный магазинГитарыЭлектрогитары, бас-гитарыБас-гитара HOHNER B-BASS V Q-AVD


Цена: 22 900 руб.
Наличие: нет

Профессиональная 5-и струнная бас-гитара Hohner B Bass V.

Model: BBass5
Scale length: 34" / 863.60mm
Body: Solid American Maple (Q = Quilt Top)
Binding: N/A
Neck: Neck-Thru Maple
Width at Nut: 44mm
Width at last fret: 68mm
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24
Inlay: Pearl Dot
Pickups: Dual Select EMGtm J-Style
Electronics: Active Preamp w/ Dual Vol, Stacked Bass/Treble cut/boost, active/passive switch
Tuners: Hip-Shottm Y-Type
Bridge: Fully-adjustable
Hardware: Black Chrome


The B-Bass is the professional's choice - premium hardware, neck-thru contruction, and incredible sound are all with in your reach with the Hohner B-Bass. Available in 4, 5 or 6 string models.

Отзывы о товаре:

Hohner B Bass V

Hi I will try to give an in depth review of this Hohner B Bass V Five string bass. (Yes, the harmonica people.)  Made in Korea, it has 24 frets, neck thru construction maple body and maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Black overlay on headstock with the letter "H" in fancy shmancy cursive. Mine is upgraded with real EMG pickups with volume, blend and concentric treble/bass control. This one has a natural finish. Black hardware, 34" scale. 1 3/4" at nut, 2 11/16" at end of fretboard. Two jazz style pickups, with the bridge one staggered toward the bass side. For such a small body on this bass, it has substantial weight due to the maple construction. A solid built bass.

I bought this bass off an online auction so the setup was a little too low for my tastes, and so i relaxed the truss rod a bit and now I'm happy. I was very pleased with his upgraded electronics and I like the sound of this bass. The looks are okay maybe a little geeky for some people, and the body is sort of small, like the size of a soundgear's. IMPORTANT NOTE: These basses have a tight string spacing so beware if you like "wide 5's".  My hands aren't overly large and I don't have to slap every second, so its okay. There is room on either side of the B string and G string on the neck to accomadate a wider bridge if need be. I may upgrade the bridge in the future to be a little wider who knows?

Sounds great with real EMG pickups. I haven't heard the Hohners with the EMG-select pickups. These pickups in it are all active and can't be switched to passive which kind of sucks, but the sound of it overides this. It has an even response and u can hear just a bit of noise if u turn up your treble control all the way. If u like the emg sound then you should upgrade to the real EMG's when you buy this bass. My preamp has the selector dip switches that changes the frequencies a little bit. BTC preamp maybe?

I have only played this at home but i'm sure it'll withstand live playing. Its solid thanks to hard maple and neck thru construction. The hardware could be upgraded but it is okay for a guitar in this price range. Why they build a neck-through bass and sell these for 4 or 500+ bucks and put "Emg-select" in them i'll never know. Arent those pickups like 30 bucks? They should have always put better electronics in them to begin with but then they'd have to tack on 200 more dollars I guess.

I have been playing for 14 years. This bass is well built and is sturdy as any bass Ibanez puts out, or any other Korean made basses. I wish the body was a little wider or the horn a little bigger but I got it so cheap I don't care. This is Hohners Professional series, but they put cheaper pickups in the stock models. I lucked out in buying this one with the upgrades. I've played a SR 500 that didn't sound as good as mine. I choose this bass because of the need and the price. This is the perfect bass to play in  clubs and leave the warwick or Alembic at home. This is not meant to be a collectors bass by any means, it just gets the job done.

Hohner B Bass V

2005 model, Korean Made, Gloss black finish, Active electronics, similar to a precision style body, SELECT by EMG active pickups (single coil), Black Gotoh tuners (3 + 2 Combo), 24 Frets, Slim, Slim neck. Feels like a four string. Simply Amazing

No flaws whatsoever. The action was at a perfect height. Not too low, not too high. The pickups are great. SELECT, made by EMG, the best bass pickup in the market next to the high dollar Bartilonis.

I consider myself a jazz musician. The Hohner B Bass V is perfect for jazz. I prefer the five string in jazz because it enables me to use more scalic patterns with a low string. Also, it lets me vamp more on arpeggios. The active sound really sets this bass apart. It ranges from the mellow sounds of an upright to the sharper high tones of Victor Wooten's Foderas. Rich, Full jazz sound. I am currently using it with an Ibanez Soundwave 35, as well as a Peavey Scorpion 105. A studio or nightclub stage would suit it well. EMG makes great pickups for this bass (SELECT single coils).The Deluxe Active V String Jazz Bass from Fender would be the ideal instrument on a very large stage. Hohner is now my favorite company to deal with after buying this great bass.

This bass is very light. For a five string, it has one of the slimmest necks i have seen. This is a plus for me, a natural four string bassist. After using the Hohner B Bass V, i have prefered five strings over four strings.

Ive been playing four 2 years, and its one of the best i have seen.

HohnerB Bass V

Its a bass, so standard features. As described, it has: 24 frets, 5 string EMG select J style(active or passive)pickups, thru-neck construction. The tone controls can give a good range of sounds. The finish on mine is a 'see through' red, which looks real good.

Its very comfortable to play - I didn't need to mess around. The neck plays real nice - I enjoy the size very much. The finish on the back of the next lets your hands glide easily.  It has a really versatile sound - it reacts well to different tonal configurations with the bass tone controls, you can really tweak it to your liking. It helps add versatility to an amp which might not give you enough of a certain tone. Really can shine through during band play, for me. Bumping bass and nice popping treble. Can suit many different styles.

Its neck through and solid wood, so it can take a beating. Feels good in your hands. Its amazing that they don't sell for more - they are quite high quality. If lost, I would look again for one because of how high value they have for the price.

Hohner B Bass V

I use the Hohner B Bass V (I have 2 of them) and the Hohner B Bass VI (six string version). My main 5-string is a lightweight, fierce sounding B model. It uses active electronics, EMG designed J-style pickups, has a solid maple body with a California Maple neck thru body design. I find the active tones to be ideal for my style of playing. A flick of the switch brings the bass out of active mode, providing a more 'classic' Jazz tone. I've also used Hohner's Acoustic/Electric 4-string bass for some live radio appearances (thanks for the overnight shipment Hohner - saved the day again!). They may not be the easiest to find bass out there, but the Hohner line is worth digging for - great looking, great tone and relatively easy on the pocketbook.