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Гитара электро-бас HOHNER Headless B2B-BK

Цена: 21 690 руб.
Наличие: нет

4-х струнная бас-гитара

Тип: headless
Корпус: цельный американский клен
Накладка: красное дерево (махогони)
Лады: 24
Инкрустация: на ладах
Количество струн: 4
Анкерный стержень: двухсторонне регулируемый
Звукосниматели: PJ
Электроника: 2 регулятора громкости, регулятор тембра
Цвет: черный

Отзывы о товаре:

Hohner 2B2

Bought a couple of years ago, second hand, not sure of date made. Passive, one J one P pickup.  Bolt on headless wood neck, 24 frets.  Action as good as any bass I've ever owned or played.  Hardware licensed by Steinberger. All you need.

Clean sound, decent variety.  Good for classic rock, Aerosmith to Zeppelin.  Excellent punching through the sound of a larger band; still pretty decent getting a "fat" sound with a 3 peice band.  It loses some volume moving up the scale, unlike a real Steinberger... (taking away a point for this).  But the Hohner holds its own most of the time.  The Hohner is also LOUDER than a real Steinberger, which is nice.

Can remember winter gigs with other basses... heating up the car, then racing from the house to the car with the bass... leaving the car idling at the gig until hall was warmed up... racing in with the warm bass... what a nightmare.  This Hohner is very, very stable.  Tune it before you play, maybe sometimes again before the third set, you're good to go.  Awsome.

Playing -gasp- about 30 yrs.  Other bases include Fender, Steinberger, American made Peavey, and others.  These days, I usually perform with the Hohner and take one of the others as a backup!  Yes, I find the little Hohner to be a better gigging instrument than some of the others which cost several times as much.  For recording, if I'm looking for a certain sweet or fat sound, I might use the Fender or other bass, but for playing 20 or 30 different songs live, I usually use the Hohner.  Of course, no one drools over the cheapie Korean Hohner, but if it's about the music and not about status, it's hard to beat this bass.

Hohner B2B

Don't know when or where this one was made. I bought it for NZ$500 second hand about 18 years ago. It's a 24 fret four string.The pickups are passive Hohner/EMG. Its well-finished but looks like nothing because it is black and so small. I played it against a Steinberger in the shop, and couldn't tell the diference at twice the price. I love it because it is so light and when I turn around I don't hit anything. And yes, you can knock it over and it stays in tune. A couple of sets in, it's warmed up and I tune it up, so temperature is all that affects it. I started playing bass 49 years ago, when Leo had just invented the bass guitar, and I wouldn't want anything else but the B2.

It was well set up for intonation, but I brought the pickups up to maximise the signal. The tuners can be a little hard to turn becase they are so small. I find taking them apart every year and greasing the threads keeps them OK. I use real strings and they last for ever.

I have set it fairly low so I can pull the strings off and let them slap. This makes a nice perc. noise which I enjoy, but if you pick it across it plays clean and smooth. I use a 2x10, 1x18 bi-amp rig with GEQ and chorus, so I can make it do anything.

I don't have or need a backup. This thing is bulletproof. It hasn't got a chip or a worn patch on it, but I am careful with it when travelling. It is strong and durable, and it just does its job so well. As I said, it looks like nothing, but looks don't make no noise! I am old and I have had a lot of guitars and basses, and I would say to anyone coming along "Find one of these and try it!"

The reason I got this was I was tired of whacking the head of an ordinary bass on things and putting it out of tune. Also standing for hours with a load of redundant timber hanging round the shoulders doesn't make sense! I admire competence wherever it exists, and this is one competent bass!

Hohner B2B

I play various forms of artsy rock so I want to do a range of growly sounds to Beatles round sounds.  I liked this bass when I bought it, but I've been loving it more and more as I've gotten to know it.  I tune it down a whole note so it's D-G-C-F and it sounds just fine tuned down like that.  Although the pickups are passive, I like them.  I have other  basses whose pickups I've upgraded but I don't feel like I need to on this one.

I love it.