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Цена: 21 590 руб.
Наличие: нет

Профессиональная 4-х струнная бас-гитара Hohner B Bass IV.

Model: BBass4
Scale length: 34" / 863.60mm
Body: Solid American Maple (Q = Quilt Top)
Binding: N/A
Neck: Neck-Thru Maple
Width at Nut: 38mm
Width at last fret: 63mm
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24
Inlay: Pearl Dot
Pickups: Dual Select EMGtm J-Style
Electronics: Active Preamp w/ Dual Vol, Stacked Bass/Treble cut/boost, active/passive switch
Tuners: Hip-Shottm Y-Type, D-Tuner on Low E
Bridge: Badass-Style w/Fine Tuners
Hardware: Black Chrome


The B-Bass is the professional's choice - premium hardware, neck-thru contruction, and incredible sound are all with in your reach with the Hohner B-Bass. Available in 4, 5 or 6 string models.

Отзывы о товаре:

Hohner B Bass IV

1995 Hohner Professional B-Bass, 24 frets, rosewood neck, solid body and 'thru' neck. Two volume controls, one active volume and tone control, active switch with LED, 2x Select emg single bar pickups, natural finish, steinberger tuning bridge with Drop B lever.Adjustable pre-amp, battery holder, 2 strap buttons on base. Packed!

Everything about this bass exuded quality from the moment I opened the box. Top quality finish, quality hardware, set up excellent. Action very good indeed, although neck very flat in profile - might prove cumbersome for some, but very good for me.

Full range of sounds. Bit limited without the pre-amp on as there is no tone control. With pre-amp on, the sounds achievable are very good. One problem is that in 'active mode' it eats through batteries like pigs through swill. Very good for stage work, adequate sound for studio. Not a distinctive sound, but good nevertheless. Lacks a deep gutteral growl. Active setting along with the single pickups a bit more harsh than warm, lacking a mellow sound.

This bass has been through hell over the past 8 years I've owned it. I've gigged, practiced, accidentally set fire to it, even thrown a television at it and it still remains solid as a rock. No fittings have come loose (aprt from a volume control that snapped off - see above), tuners still amazing, neck brilliant. Finish still top notch (albeit with a few knocks to the lacquer coat, but not the wood itself). The electrics are good quality although I have had to adjust the jack plug input on one occassion for a faulty connection.

Been playing for fifteen years. Own various other basses, all completely different to this. This bass is my "Ol' Faithful". It's the one bass I can always rely on. It looks the part, feels the part, is made from absolute quality and will not ever let me down. The sound though is not distinctive enough for me to rate it as my favourite, but in every other respect this bass is the business. Have never really used the drop B Tuner switch though although as a little tip, by using it as a mini tremelo arm on the e-string you can get some class effects. Prefer to use a five string though in preference. The Steinberger bridge though is excellent. It never goes out of tune, is easy to adjust and just exudes quality. Excellent.

Hohner B Bass IV

Active + Passive electronics (switchable). Good response on tone knobs (depending on quality of sound system). Drop tuner is a great add-on for a 4-string bass, works well (though lately I've had a hard time setting it up, not sure what happened). I've got the dark black finish and it is BEAUTIFUL!

For the price, this thing sounds AMAZING. I bought it for $350 from a local shop (owned by a 70+ year old man and now out of business so this might be way lower than normally offered).  The sound is more of a rock style, but that's exactly what I'm using it for. As a point of reference, my bass player has a $1200 Gibson 5-string and he uses MY HOHNER when we play live.  I must have lucked out here.  I hope they all sound this good.

I've had this thing for a long time and paid next to nothing for it compared to how great it is.  I love this bass.  I brag about it as much as I brag about my Taylor acoustic (and it costs quite a bit more).

Hohner B Bass IV

I bought my 4 string hohner b bass 15 years ago it came with 24 frets an active/passive option, emg pick-ups,de-tuner black gloss finish and it cost 320.

Everything was spot-on with the settings and still looks like new now considering its probably done close to 800 gigs and hours of rehearsals!

I've played mainly rock/funk with this bass and used a hartke rig.it gave me a full tone and found that i had quite a range on the tones to suit any style of music.i now play a warwick and the difference would be that the hohner didnt have as much sustain or growl at the bottom end...but then the warwick was four times the price!

Never had a problem with this bass and it has never let me down,i've never had a back-up bass i completely trusted this bass...infact its my backup bass now!

To sum this bass up i would say its a solid,reliable work horse.i have had many many great times with it...well worth the money and i'll never part with it.

Hohner B Bass IV

Bought my B-Bass IV new May, 2007. I think it was made that year. It cost me $700 Canadian, which was way below list ($999 US). It is made in USA from solid AAA maple and has the quilt maple top. The entire bass is has a transparent cherry red finish (very nice). The body is the standard shape and perhaps slightly smaller than most basses. It's a neck-thru design with 24 frets and a rosewood fretboard. It has two jazz-style Select by EMG pickups. There's a switch to go from passive to active mode. There are two volume control knobs and a bass/treble knob stack. The mid range is controled by a small, inset plastic "screw" in the back of the bass which controls the pre-amp's active level (i.e., volume/mid range). The Steinberger bridge has fine tuners with a d-tune switch for the E string. The fine tuner for this string only affects the string when drop tuned. This allows you to use the Hip Shot Y tuners to tune the bass regularly and adjust the d-tuned string without affecting the regular tuning. Very nice option in my opinion.

Bass was set up well out of the factory. I took it to a guy I trust to set up all my gear and he lowered the action slightly. The factory strings were "sticky." It felt like my fingers got stuck in the grooves and there was excessive finger noise. Changed to D'Addario stings and it went away. Using GHS Boomers now and also no issues with finger noise. Pickups were/are fine. No flaws in the finish. This bass plays very well and is the only 4-string I use. It's fun and fast. Perfect for my style and genre (fingers playing metal). The entire neck seems to vibrate or rattle a bit on certain notes, likely some sort of sympathetic resonance frequency thing going on. However, it does not come through when playing with an amp. So, it's of minor consequence.

This bass is fairly bright sounding because of the solid maple construction. The Rosewood fretboard mellows it a bit (which I really like), but not much. The jazz pickups are brighter (i.e., more mid-range) than I'm used to using. (I usually use umbuckers which are very full, but kind of equal on tone.) It is bright without being "tinny" which is likely due to the rosewood fretboard. It responds very well to finger style and you can slap/pop with great response, but still smooth enough to not get that tinny twang. I don't use a pick with this one much because it's too bright. Played a few Lamb of God tunes to demo it with a pick and d-tune. Sounded ok, but much better when fingers used to reduce the attack noise. No hum or static. I have used it in jams and it was great. It will be my backup bass on stage until I complete my 5-string project. Never used it to record, but I'd have no issues with this. I'm in the studio within the next few weeks. If I use it, I'll edit this part. I always have the bass/treble stack set at 100%, same with volume knobs unless I'm dialing out one of the pickups. I usually use it in passive mode, which has a somewhat full sound with a bit more mid-range. When I use active mode the EQ probably resembles a V (high bass, low mid, high treble) which is closer to my usual tone, but still brighter than my favorite/preferred bass (Ibanez SR885 5-string with humbuckers). Of course, I bought it for the somewhat brighter tone and response to practice slap/pop style. . . . I still need practice! LOL! I use a rack-mount system (power conditioner, tuner, sound maximizer, Ampeg SVT-3 Pro) with Trace Elliot cabs (4x10 & 1x15).

It sounds very nice through this rig. I use a NADY bass wireless and a Boss ME-50B between the wireless and rack (mainly for the limiter and nose gate properties). The sound it nice and clear with each note easily articulated. If you run heavy OD/Distortion, sustained notes sound good and slow rhythms as well. Play quickly or chord some notes and it's a mess. Humbucker style pickups solve this problem since my other basses don't seem to suffer this issue and they all have at least one each.

So far, the bass has been reliable and I have no issues/complaints/suspicions that it would negate that opinion. Hohner has used quality parts and great craftsmanship to yield a terrific product. Most stores don't carry them. Perhaps worst, most bassists won't deviate from their Fender (gag!), MusicMan, Warwick, or whatever to try one out. Pitty! This is a quality bass that offers a lot for a great price.

This is a great bass! At the time that I bought this bass I was looking at the Peavey Grind and Schecter Elite 4. The Grind was great and had a low price. The Schecter had the EMG humbuckers I'd normally look for. I went with the Hohner because of the features and I didn't have a bass with jazz pickups. If it were stolen, I'd get another. If that was too much of a hassle, I'd get the Schecter. When shopping for a bass, give everything a try, even if it's not you usual thing. You might find a gem. More importantly, it'll be your secret weapon and you'll stand out against all the usual suspects.